About Me

I’ve been passionate about music for as long as I can remember. I have received continuous training in this area, which culminated in a Degree in Jazz Performance.

I have been a professional musician since I was 22 years old, working live in formations covering various musical genres. Since I have a special taste in sharing knowledge and learning from those around me, I dedicated myself to teaching, an area where I also assumed responsibilities in pedagogical coordination and created teaching platforms.

I have an open mind. I like to acquire new knowledge and I am attuned to the technologies of the future – and UX Design was the area that allowed me to explore these attributes further.

My work in music has brought me the ability to work in a focused, disciplined and simultaneously creative way, having taken advantage of these capabilities to start training in various UX/UI Design courses and bootcamps and to develop a taste for writing in this area.

I was very happy with the achievement of being named “one of the top performers (1%) at the Interaction Design Foundation in 2020”.

As I love thinking about practical solutions and improving people’s experience, I have been applying the best possible UX/UI Design in the works I have done as Product Designer and Visual Designer. For me, it’s essential not only to create an attractive interface, but also to provide high-quality services and products.

I have a strong motivation to learn through new challenges and to share enriching experiences in this dynamic area. It is something that fascinates me!


5 steps for effectively learning UX Design

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