Cachonda Website

A photographer’s portfolio essentially capturing performance images

Brand & Goals

This project started with the needs expressed by a photographer who essentially captures images of artists (musicians and dancers) during their performances.

We started by defining the objectives and the identity/experience that the client intended for the website, and then we sketched out some basic ideas on the final result. The inspiration came from the client’s photographic style.

Collecting & Compiling inspirations

The Moodboard was used to obtain the necessary inspirations for the project. This method is a visual representation of the style and experience that you want to design.

Sketch some ideas

Together with the client, it was possible to sketch the intended flow and experience.

Explore visual styles

After the steps described above, it was possible to define visual aspects such as typography, colors, icons, and interactions (parallax). With the graphical elements defined, creating a high-fidelity and responsive prototype for tablets and mobile phones became possible.